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We have just cut taxes for over 27 million workers across the UK.

Find out how much you'll save thanks to our NI tax cuts.

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How much will you save from our tax cuts?

From January, we will CUT TAXES for 27 MILLION WORKING PEOPLE, helping you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Earlier this year, the Prime Minister pledged to as part of his Five Priorities to halve inflation, grow the economy, and reduce debt.

Last week he delivered on his promise to halve inflation. The economy has recovered more quickly from the pandemic than first thought, and debt is on track to fall.

Thanks to the stability this has brought, we are now able to focus on the long-term decisions required to strengthen our economy.

And this Autumn Statement marks a major moment as we change gear and focus on how to drive growth in the decade ahead, with the BIGGEST PACKAGE OF TAX CUTS TO BE IMPLEMENTED AT A FISCAL EVENT SINCE THE 1980s, while getting borrowing lower and inflation falling.

This means combining the biggest tax cut on investment in modern British history with the largest ever cut to workers' National Insurance – A £20 BILLION PACKAGE of annual tax cuts.